We finally know the date of the visit of the writer Care Santos

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We finally know the date of the visit of Care Santos. It will take place on March 14. At our centre, we are extremely excited to receive the visit of this fantastic writer. Many of us have read various of her books, including Mentira, Verdad, Los ojos del lobo, Bel, Amor más allá de la muerte, etc. Thus, we have first-hand knowledge of just how talented she is and we feel very fortunate to be given the opportunity to chat with her.

Throughout this year, we have done various activities related to Care Santos and her award-winning work. She writes both adult and youth literature and for the latter she has won an array of important prizes, such as the Gran Angular award for Los ojos del lobo (2014), the Premio Edebé for Laluna.com (2003) and Mentira (2015), as well as the Barco de Vapor for Se Vende mama (2009). The last award she won was that of the Premio Nadal (adult literature) in 2017 for her novel Media vida.

Soon, we will have the opportunity to meet her and ask her all of the questions we desire, such as, for example, Is it true that we will be able to read the third part of Mentira?”

If you want to find out more about this incredible author, you can visit her website here.

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