The most popular sports activities in secondary school: water sports. We go to the Club de Regatas of Alicante

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San Alberto Magno | Colegio inglés Alicante - Practicamos deportes acuáticos

Extracurricular activities in Alicante: water sports in the Club de Regatas

Secondary school students from the English school San Alberto Magno have visited the Club de Regatas of Alicante to spend a full day of maritime activity. They started the day by practising nautical sports such as sailing, kayaking and paddle surfing and finished it in the best possible way: eating all together and sharing their water experience.

We encourage education in values through sports

Sports are a fundamental part of San Alberto Magno’s educational project, in summer we focus on aquatic activities. Through our school sports activities we encourage children to lead an active life from an early age and to know how to handle different disciplines such as swimming, paddle or football. Throughout the course, our students can enjoy a wide range of sports in our facilities.

As you can see in our manifest, we understand that sport goes beyond simple activity and has many benefits both physically and mentally. The practice of exercise is a habit that, if it is introduced properly during childhood, will accompany the person throughout his adult life and otherwise will be very difficult to achieve. We want your children to run, jump and play, to know their body and to be aware of it, so that they feel safe and strong and that the energy radiates through each pore of their skin.

San Alberto Magno | Colegio inglés Alicante - Practicamos deportes náuticos

Here you have some of the benefits of playing sports in childhood and adolescence

A child who practices sport is a healthy child. Benefits of playing sports at school:

  • Less incidence of obesity
  • Increased muscle strength and endurance
  • Greater flexibility and agility
  • It helps to develop coordination

A child who does sports is a happy child. Sport psychological benefits in adolescence:

  • Sport generates endorphins, children are happy
  • Overcoming challenges makes them safer and more resistant to frustration.
  • Controlling the body and increasing strength promotes autonomy and independence
  • Team sports improve sociability

In addition, we believe that these types of activities represent an opportunity to leave the school environment, do sport in different facilities with professional equipment and develop new skills outside their comfort zone. This case has helped us to encourage curiosity, the feeling of belonging to the group and cohesion outside the classroom.


San Alberto Magno | Colegio inglés Alicante - Actividades acuáticas en secundaria

San Alberto Magno collaborates with the Club de Regatas of Alicante

As an international reference school in Alicante, our objective is to establish collaboration agreements with the most interesting and reputable organizations and entities in the province, such as the Club de Regatas of Alicante, one of the oldest and most important in Spain, which is part of the Spanish Association of Nautical Clubs. We want students to enjoy all kinds of first class water facilities, practice different water sports and develop values that we rely on for academic and personal development such as perseverance, effort and patience.


And, why not say it, summer arrives and we all like to play and have fun.

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