Secondary Education:

Secondary Education concerns the basic developmental aspects (psychological, cognitive, motor, academic.) of those students between the ages of 12 and15 years old.

Every class will be taught by specialists of the different subjects that constitute the basic curriculum. Apart from the basic curriculum, our centre also adds further subjects and activities, which we believe have a vital impact upon their academic and personal formation or training. These activities include foreign languages, preparation for official cambridge exams, psychomotor activities in the aquatic environment (swimming pool), information and comunication technology (ICT), sports, reading clubs and activities related to manners that take place in SAM restaurant.

Throughout this stage, the main objective of the school is to orientate students and help them progress to the Bachillerato stage, and then to the University degree of their choice. It is vital for us that students gain the results needed to enter the University course they really desire. Because of this, we have increased the weekly sessions of the most instrumental subjects (Spanish Language, English and Maths) in the University entrance exam.

Being that every student is distinct, each one will be individually orientated and monitored, and they will each be designated a personal tutor, who will accompany and help them in this vital stage of self-development. Moreover, to ensure that each student adequately progresses and achieves a certain degree of maturity, special focus will be centred on students´ acquiring values like effort, consistency and resilience. Furthermore, they must also learn to be able to make decisions, as well as to have a balanced degree of autonomy and self-esteem.

Physical Education (PE)

Secondary school students will take part in sports activities, both in terrestrial enviroments (tennis court, sports hall, football pitch) and in the swimming pool. These activities, which are taught in English, are imparted by specialists in the field of sports and they are performed in the array of sports facilities the school provides (climatized swimming pool, football pitch, tennis court, sports hall).

Foreign languages

One of the main objectives of SAM is to help students´ achieve a high degree of fleuncy and communicative competence when using the English language. Just as is the case in primary education at our school, secondary pupils will study and use English both as a foreign language and as a mother tongue. Concerning the former, students will be divided into different classes depending on their level of comeptence using the language. With regard to the use of English as a vehicular language, students will also have the opportunity to learn certain subjects (biology) in English. Moreover, students will also participate in specific classes dedicated to the praparation for the official Cambridge English exams, which will also be divided according to the competence and level of knolwedge of each pupil. Furthermore, they will also have the opportunity to participate in external comepetitions, like The Big Challenge, which help increase their interest in learning English.

Apart from English, our pupils will also continue to study the second language they selected in the Primary Education stage: French or German.

Maths and Spanish Language

These two subjects have vital importance in a wide range of aspects of our lives and, therefore, it is vital that students reach a certain degree of competence in both. To achieve this, students take part in various practical projects where maths is applied to daily life situations. Moreover, they are also encouraged to read and write, as well as participate in oral debate programs. Furthermore, they also receive visits from authors and they are encouraged to participate in writing competitions and reading clubs.

SAM restaurant

Secondary students also continue to participate in the SAM restaurant project; a project that commences in the Primary education stage. This activity is performed in groups of approximately 8 students and they are performed various times throughout the academic year.
At dinner time, the groups of students in question make their way to the dining hall, where tables are reserved for each educational stage (Childhood, primary, secondary and Bachillerato) and students are provided with the necessary cutlery.


Different groups from all years of secondary education are formed in order to perform the following activities: Football, Basketball, Handball, volleyball and dance.

Calendar of the 2018-2019 school year





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