School Dining Hall:

At SAM, the nutrition of our students is taken very seriously, seen as students are undergoing a continual process of growth while they are at the school.

At our centre, we have a 600 m2 dining hall, where we have our very own kitchen, which is designed solely to cater for the nutritional needs of all of our pupils. Moroever, Our menus are designed under the supervision of nutritionists and food is prepared by highly qualified staff, who follow strict rules regarding safety and hygiene.

Apart from providing decent food for our students, our objective is also to teach them about hygiene and table manners, both of which will define them as people in their futures.

In our kitchen, all food is prepared in a healthy way (reduction in fat, less fried food, etc.) and children are encouraged to eat vegetables and fruit. Thus, a balanced diet is always provided, and the inventory is updated on a weekly basis in order to ensure that all food is of the highest quality.

Furthermore, in order to cater for individual needs, personalized therapeutic diets are also prepared for those students who require it, be it because of allergies, or for any other reasons (e.g. intolerances).

Download the December 2018 Menu

Download the December 2018 Infantile Menu


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