San Alberto Magno

Bilingual school of reference in Alicante

We are a private, secular, English language immersion and bilingual centre in the stages of Infant, Primary and Secondary Education.

We teach all the educational stages:

The school day extends from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for all educational stages. We offer Canteen services and School Transportation.

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Why choose us?

At San Alberto Magno School we believe that a broader curriculum broadens not only minds but also opportunities. We are a school that fosters creativity and talent, the humanities and games and sports.

A school that encourages
creativity and talent

We value the talent of each student

We all stand out in something, and discovering what each student stands out in and promoting it is our goal so we use a participatory methodology.

We develop experiences outside the classroom

Learning experiences outside the classroom have a very positive influence on personal growth and help in the subsequent professional trajectory so in our day to day we include activities that stimulate creativity, curiosity, exploration, personal effort and teamwork such as workshops, excursions and experiments. San Alberto Magno is located in a privileged natural environment where one can enjoy the first friendships and outdoor team games.

A school that promotes

We offer the necessary tools for our students to develop critical thinking and we promote creativity, curiosity and an approach to the reality that surrounds them.

Therefore, in all our stages, the Humanities have a fundamental role, with disciplines such as theatre, oratory, philosophy, literature or art history.

A school that encourages
games and sports

Sports are very important to San Alberto Magno

The practice of swimming begins at the age of 3 in our facilities, being the aquatic sport part of our sporting activity. Our students can enjoy magnificent sports facilities with soccer fields, basketball, volleyball, paddle, etc…

Through sport we educate in values such as commitment, respect, constancy, effort, patience, companionship and fair play. Sport is an authentic school for life where one is taught to be punctual, to comply with rules and to follow an order… And an inexhaustible source of fun and endorphins.

Golf as an educational tool

But there is one sport that offers children some values with which our school feels very identified: golf.

Golf is a strategic sport with which children learn to behave on the course while developing healthy competition, in which the desire for personal improvement is important. Children who play golf develop the neuronal system before and a concentration that will help them a lot when it comes to studying.

Physically, golf helps to improve children’s elasticity, balance and strength. It is a sport that is practiced outdoors and at any age, which makes it perfect for family enjoyment.

In San Alberto Magno we have the school programme proposed by the Spanish Golf Federation and which we can put into practice thanks to the collaboration of the Valencian Golf Federation and the Elche Golf School. We also have agreements in golf courses in the province so that children have more facilities to put into practice what they have learned.

Our instructors are trained in specialized schools and offer children a first class golf training. We give classes of rules and physical exercises related to the movements that are made in this sport.

The golf can also help children to improve their future, being able to access scholarships in universities in the United States if they reach a good level of golf. Our school will put all the means so that children who excel in this sport have all the support in the management and procedures necessary for access to these scholarships and universities.

Sailing and rowing to enjoy water sports

We have established a partnership with the Real Club de Regatas de Alicante so that our students can benefit from the magnificent facilities and equipment. San Alberto Magno’s students will be able to practice nautical sports such as sailing, rowing and other aquatic sports such as paddle sub, stand paddle, etc.