San Alberto Magno’s graduation ceremony following British traditions

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San Alberto Magno | Colegio inglés Alicante - Acto de graduación

High and Secondary school graduation ceremony in San Alberto Magno

We conclude the academic year 2018-2019 by celebrating, once again, the end of the academic year for the Secundary 4th year students and the High School ones.

Joy, illusion and… why not? Also some nerves. The students have acquired the essential skills to meet the demands required in future stages and in San Alberto Magno we wanted to celebrate it in the purest British style, with a graduation ceremony.

This is an academic event in which the graduates, their families and the teaching staff come together to share everything they have learned and the experiences they have lived throughout this school year.

A moment that goes beyond putting an end to one of the most important educational stages such as Compulsory Secondary Education or High School. It is about recognizing the academic and personal merits of our students: acquiring new knowledges, obtaining good grades, participating in the different social aspects of everyday life, making friends, developing a sense of belonging and knowing how to adapt successfully to the changes that are occurring.

San Alberto Magno | Colegio inglés Alicante - graduación bachillerato y secundaria

Alejandro Cañestro, Head of Secondary Studies at our British School, was in charge of opening the ceremony with an emotional graduation speech. Words dedicated to the people who have become a clear reflection of the values that the English school of reference in Alicante wants to transmit in its manifest: integrity, critical thinking and educational excellence.

Afterwards, Carmen Vera, Manager of San Alberto Magno, supported the students in the path that lies ahead and encouraged them to pursue their dreams trusting the ability that each of them has to achieve the things they propose.

We trust that their time at school will help them to be the happy, educated and independent people that we have worked day by day in our educational project.

Today, we would like to congratulate them for having successfully completed the school curriculum and we open the registration period to welcome future students who want to be part of the educational community of San Alberto Magno next school year 2019-2020.

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