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Student Protection Policies and Procedures

There’s nothing more important than the safety of your child. Our welfare and child protection policies and procedures follow the law of “getting the right for every child”. We are constantly reflecting on what we could do best, always ensuring that the well-being and protection of our young people is an integral part of what we do here.

There are two documents that detail essential information on child welfare and protection at San Alberto Magno School.

Standards of behaviour

One of the keys to success is to ensure a good disciplinary climate, where students and teachers work together in an orderly environment. The objective: to reduce and avoid wasting time in putting the classrooms in order and to achieve an educational community where respect and education reigns.

Sexual Harassment Prevention

At San Alberto Magno School we have reinforced the rules with a protocol against sexual harassment to ensure a safe environment for both minors and adults.

Both documents are given to everyone who comes to work at the school in addition to regular meetings with the whole team where they are discussed, reviewed and modified if this is the case.

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