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We undertake new educational projects

San Alberto Magno starts new projects every year. This is a sample of what we do at different levels:

Infant Education Projects

  • Project "the main character of the week"

    The main character of the week is a teaching proposal that is carried out with 3-year-old children. Each week, a pupil becomes the main character in the classroom. At the same time, it requires the participation and collaboration of families, responding to one of the main objectives of this educational stage: Family-school collaboration .
  • Art project “the kitchen of colours”

    In this project, 4-year-olds work on graphomotor skills in a fun and different way. Our students become real chefs with the aim of painting great recipes and are fun and creative.
  • Art project “workshops with art”"

    The students of 5 years old develop their imagination both individually and in group without the need of having artistic skills. The project encourages group dynamics involving the whole class.

Secondary Education Projects

  • Debate League Project

    This one is an educational project aimed at 4th year students of the Secondary Education. There are two phases:

    In the first phase, cooperative work is carried out in the classroom where critical thinking is practiced.

    In the second phase a discussion team is formed which will compete with other centres at provincial and interprovincial level.

High School Projects

  • Philosophy Olympics Project

    San Alberto Magno’s high school students can participate in the Alicante, Valencia and National Philosophy Olympic. We promote the development of argumentative and critical sense skills to encourage interest in philosophy.

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