I. Privacy and confidentiality

In accordance with the Organic Law 15/99, 13th December, concerning the Protection of Personal Information (LOPD), we inform you that all of the information you supply via our website or via email will be incorporated into an automated file entitled ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL, with the following registered adress: Avenida de Levante nº 10-12, Urbanización Alenda Golf-03670, Monforte del Cid (Alicante). By doing this, the objective is to manage, offer, expand and improve the services offered on our website, to execute the contracts that are produced on our website, to send survey forms, to analyze the use of our service by the different users, as well as to send promotional information regarding the products and services offered by ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL or by third parties who may sell any products of interest.
With respect to the non-registered users that provide their details to ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL, by supplying their information to ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL, they are also authorizing the centre to send them advertising and promotional information. If you are not willing to accept this information, you should not provide your details to ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL. The registered users give ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL the necessary consent to communicate their status of being a “user” to third parties so that third parties can send them an email inviting them to form part of ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL.

Likewise, in the case that the registered user uses the “recommend” option, ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA will inform the recommended person on behalf of the user who recommended him or her. In order to do this, certain personal information will be provided to the potential member in question.
The User may revoke his or her consent to receiving commercial information by sending a notification to the following email address: informacion@sanalbertomagno.eu, or by sending a letter to the address mentioned at the beginning of this section.
Due to the nature and content of this website, it is vital that we are able to send commercial information to the Users by email. Consequently, in the case that the permission to receive such information is revoked, that person´s status as a registered user at ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL will also be rescinded.
The User also has the possibility to access and modify his or her personal data when needed. Moroever, it is vital that the User commits to providing accurate personal details and that the information given to ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL is updated when any changes arise.
The User may exercise his or her right to access, modify, cancel and oppose to certain matters by sending a letter to the address mentioned in the first part of this section, or by sending an email to: informacion@sanalbertomagno.eu
ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL notifies the User that only those parts of the information classified as required are obligatory. However, by not providing certain information, the User could prevent ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL from providing all of the services related to the information in question. Thus, if certain details are not provided, ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL can not be held accountable for any negative aspects of the related service. Furthermore, ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL may suspend any User who provides false information from using the related services.
ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL permits its Users to invite third parties (family, friends, etc.) to join the community of ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL as users. This is done by means of an email invitation, which is entitled “recommendation”. In order to perform this “recommendation”, the User who is recommending must prove they have been given permision to provide the personal details of the person who they want to invite and to whom ALLENDA ESCUELA VIVA will send the invitation in question. Moroever, the User who performs the “recommend” option will be held solely responsable for any discrepancies concerning the permission of the person whose personal detailes are being handled.

II. Under-age students

Our services are mainly orientated towards adults. However, if some of the services are designed for under-age individuals, ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL, in accordance with the present laws, will ask for the legal guardians ´ permission to perform the collection and automated data processing of the students personal information.
If the User is under-age, he or she must have the consent of his or her parents to include personal information in our website application forms.

III. Use of cookies

ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL informs you that “cookies” will be enabled and used during your visit to our website. Cookies are data files that permit our centre to obtain the following information:

A) The time and date you accessed our website. This enables us to gather information concerning the hours in which the site is visited the most. This knowledge will provide our centre with the necessary information to, on one hand, make adjustments, and, on the other hand, to ensure that the website does not become saturated in its peak hours of use.
B) The number of people that visit the website on a daily basis. This provides us with information concerning which aspects of our website are of most interest. This will enable us to improve those areas in order to ensure that the users obtain the most satisfactory results possible.
C) The date and time the User last visited the website.
D) The content that the user selected on his first visit to the website
E) The security details that intervene in the access control to restricted areas.

The obtained information is totally anonymous and under no circumstances can it be directly associated to a specific User. This information enables ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL to adapt and improve its services to the user’s best interests. Nevertheless, the User is provided with the option of disabling the cookies, which is done by selecting the corresponding option in your browser settings. However, ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL informs you that the disabling of cookies could cause a reduction in speed of the user´s browser.

IV. Free-text fields

Free-text fields, which are available to the students, could appear on the website. The sole objective of these is to gather information in order to improve the services offered, especially with concern to the delivery of purchased products. Moreover, in accordance with the current data protection laws, in the free-fields provided by the website, the User must not include any personal information for which a high level of data protection is needed. Such information can only be included if ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL has been notified beforehand.




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