Marta Berenguer, the winner of our Horror Stroy Competition

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We interviewed the winner of our SAM Horror Story Competition:

1.- Marta, what did it mean to you to participate in this contest?
To participate in this contest was a very good excuse for me to write, and do something I like.

2.- Do you think it has helped to improve your knowledge of the subject Spanish Language?
In my opinion, it’s a good way to practice the concepts that we learn in Spanish Language, but above all it I think it has helped me to improve my written expression.

3.- Would you like there to be other types of literary competitions?
Yes, the truth is that I wish there were more literary competitions.

4.- Marta, you were the winner. What was your story about and why do you think it was chosen as the winning story?
My story was about a family that lived through a paranormal experience when they moved to a new house, but instead of it having the typical happy ending I added a dramatic twist. I can’t say why my story won, because I haven’t had the opportunity to read my classmates’ stories, maybe it was due to the way I expressed myself.

5. Would you encourage students who have not participated to do so? Why?
Yes, I would, because it is a great way to develop your imagination. It is also very exciting to read the stories you’ve written to your friends and family stories and see them have a good time listening to them.

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