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San Alberto Magno | Colegio internacional bilingüe de Alicante - Idiomas

Bilingual School

San Alberto Magno is one of the bilingual schools in Alicante that offers the opportunity to become officially certified in 3 languages:

  • English through Cambridge exams
  • German through Goethe’s exams
  • French through DELF and DALF exams

Through languages we form people with an integral education, with cultural awareness and mental flexibility.

  • English

    At San Alberto Magno School we encourage from the first day the acquisition of reading and writing skills in English. There are more than 350 million native English speakers in the world, a number that rises to 2,000 million when non-native English speakers are also counted. Being able to integrate English at a bilingual level opens the door to a natural relationship with all these people.

    • In Infant Education, our native teachers take an active, multisensorial approach of learning

    • Throughout the stages of Infant and Primary Education, we use the complete and synthetic phonic program JollyPhonics, followed by JollyGrammar, first to enhance and then to consolidate reading, writing and pronunciation.

    • We are a Cambridge Centre which takes the official exams in house. Our students can keep track of their development by taking the Cambridge Young Learners exams and then the internationally recognized Cambridge Main Suite exams: KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE.
  • German

    From the third year of Primary Education we began to teach German through a communicative approach , making use of audio-visual materials and interactive games.

    From an early age we practice the four language skills:
    • Oral comprehension
    • Written comprehension
    • Oral expression
    • Written Expression

    We prepare our students to successfully pass the Goethe Institut tests and reach an advanced level.
    It is also essential for them to live the language in the region, which is why we focus on exchanges with German-speaking countries. 
  • French

    From the third year of Primary Education we begin to teach French as a second foreign language and we prepare our students for the official DELF and DALF exams up to B2 level.

    DELF (Diplôme d'Etude de la Langue Française) and DALF Diplôme d'Etudes de la Langue Française) are the only official diplomas in French as a Foreign Language awarded by the French Ministry of National Education.
    These certifications allow the recognition and validation of your level of French, whether for personal, professional or university reasons:
    • Admission to a French-speaking university
    • Application for university scholarships
    • Degree
    • Studies in French-speaking countries

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