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Dear families,

As you know, the Open Day at SAM is going to take place next Saturday (March 24). In order to make the most of this occasion, we would like to celebrate a get-together with all of you and any guests you desire to bring along with you. Moreover, all of those that assist will have an opportunity to participate in an array of fun, sports activities, something which will help strengthen the foundations of our educational system.
These activities will commence at 10:30 am. As usual, we will begin with the traditional race, which will help families to clear their minds and to relax. Following the race, we will all proceed to take part in a variety of interesting and entertaining workshops: infant, science, technology, art, music, English and board games.

At approximately 12:00pm, a gymkhana will then be performed. Here, all visitors are provided with the opportunity to participate in various activities: football, padel, prison dodgeball, etc.

After the gymkhana, we will then stop to eat and recharge our batteries. Each family can bring their own ready-made food with them or they can bring the ingredients and prepare their meals at our centre. Moroever, the school canteen will also be open throughout the day.
We look forward to seeing you at the Open Day.

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