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Day after day we find new techniques and more techonology that can be used to educate. But, which techniques have the most influential effect on the learning process of children? To answer this question, we will take a look at the most common technology implemented in schools nowadays.

Flipped classroom

Using Flipped classroom, students are able to study the theory of what they ar elearning and then put it into practice. The teacher can record the information that he wants to explain as a video and he can send it to the students, so that they can watch it and study it at home. After the children have had time to see the video, they then proceed to complete exercises in class and to ask the teacher to resolve any doubts that they may have.

What advantages does the method have?

The most evident advantage of Flipped classroom is that students are ableto watch the contents over and over again until they have completely understood it, something which is not possible in a normal classroom. Some students may need more time to comprehend a concept and thus, this methodology can be very beneficial for them.

Another advantage of Flipped classroom is that the students does the exercises in class, which permits him or her to ask the teacher any doubts he or she may have.

Project-based learning

In the project-based learning methodology, just like in any work environment, students work in teams and they follow specific strategies in order to achieve a series of objectives.

Concerning the advantages of this methodology, the most obvious one is that it teaches children to work in groups. Moreover, it is also a technique that enables less talkative students to participate in classroom proceedings.


Gamification is a methodology that uses games to teach students. These games can range from a number of games made by teachers to online gamification platforms, such as Khan Academy, Duolingo and Class Craft, in which the pupils can adopt different roles and gain experience. Moreover, this is a great tool, which can be used to help students improve their knowledge.

The classes using this technique are a little bit more difficult to prepare than a normal class. However, the extra effort is worth it, seen as students are normally a lot more motivate to learn in these types of classes.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality permits us to show additional information using a more special format. Using a mobile phone, for example, we can visualize images with augmented realities in 3D form, which helps us see them and all of their attributes in a more realistic way.

There are also apps that enable us to scan different building and obtain information about them. This can be done, for example, with museums.
Children are increasingly interested in these types of techniques and they are great tools to use in the classroom, not just because it keeps the students motivated, but also because they can provide pupils with additional information, which helps them to further their knowledge.

Virtual Reality

According to recent studies in relation to the use of virtual reality, results seem to suggest that students retain 90 % of the information they are transmitted when using the virtual reality methodology, unlike in traditional classroom settings, where students solely remember approximately 15 % of whatever the teacher explains. The reason for this vast difference is thought to be the fact that students experience what they are learning in virtual realities, something which does not happen in traditional classrooms.

One of the main advantages of this technique is that it keeps students highly motivated. However, as said beforehand, this methodology is more time-consuming than more traditional techniques and it is also more expensive. Nevertheless, due to its educational benefits, it is becoming more and more common in private schools in the Alicante region.

At our school this year, we our slowly incorporating the methodologies that most suit our students and their needs, and we are observing very important improvements in thier learning process, but without taking away any of the traditional experiences they enjoy, such as going to the playground, as well as enjoying the magnificent environment that surrounds our centre.

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