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What’s the Infant Education Stage?

Infant education covers the training of children from 1 to 5 years of age.

Infant education is a fundamental stage because it involves the transition from home to school. We try to make it as smooth and calm as possible by making them feel at home at school, something that our teachers achieve with workshops and activities in which the children learn by playing.

Children must acquire fundamental skills such as language, motor skills, hygiene and eating manners, as well as socialization.

The game is the base of the learning and the development of the capacities of the children. The manipulation of objects, textures, materials and instruments brings children closer to an environment in which the acquisition of knowledge and experiences is done in a fun way.

The tutor teachers, specialists in children’s education, give the basic teachings: reading, writing, communication in Spanish, mathematics, personal autonomy, etc

How do we work in Infant Education?

We encourage the acquisition of English reading and writing skills from day one. In Early Childhood School and Early Childhood Education, our native teachers take an active, multi-sensorial approach to learning.

Throughout the Early Childhood and Primary Education stages, we use the complete and synthetic phonic program JollyPhonics, followed by JollyGrammar, first to empower and then to consolidate reading, writing and pronunciation.

In the Infant Education stage, the following activities are also carried out, aimed at the integral formation of the children:

  • Work by projects

    Work begins on projects such as continents or cinema, with which we can transversally introduce different subjects working with multiple intelligences.
  • Psychomotricity

    Psychomotor activities are carried out on land and in the aquatic environment (swimming) in English. This helps you to develop your sense of balance, movement and expression. These activities take place in the heated swimming pool, on the outdoor sports grounds and in the indoor sports hall.
  • English

    English is one of the differential areas of San Alberto Magno. Children will speak English on a daily basis, with native British teachers. More than 70% of school time is taught in English. They begin with mathematics in English.
  • Music

    We teach music in English. It is an activity aimed at developing knowledge of music, promoting artistic, logical-mathematical and aesthetic aspects. Children work with music specialists.
  • School Canteen

    We develop good manners in the dining room. At these ages it is important to transmit good manners for proper social development. The children have constant spaces for education inside and outside the classroom, and the dining room is one of them. The mealtime is an opportunity for the teaching of correct eating manners, hygiene, knowing how to be at the table, personal and relational autonomy of the children, under the guidance of group mentors.
  • Information technologies

    Contact with information technologies begins. The computer is used as a tool that helps to stimulate learning. Children use the computer peripherals while working in English with the help of a computer application.

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