Golf in Primary Education (6-12 years old)

Sports is very important at San Alberto Magno. Our pupils do swimming from the age of 3 and in our facilities, it is also possible to perform a wide array of other sports, including football, basketball, volleyball, padel, etc. However, there is one sport that offers a series of values that our school really prioritizes. This sport is golf.

Golf and values such as commitment, respect, patience, fair play, effort and being punctual , go hand in hand, and remarkably, the neuronal system of children who play golf develops before those of children who do not play golf. Moreover, they will also learn to concentrate, which will be very beneficial when it comes to studying the different subjects of the curriculum.

Physically, golf helps children improve their flexibility, balance and strength, and it is a sport that our pupils will also be able to play outside of the school with their families.

At San Alberto Magno, we offer the school program that is proposed by the Spanish Federation of Golf, and we can impart thanks to the from the Valencian Golf f+Federation and Elche Golf Club. Moroever, we also have various agreements with golf courses around the province, so that our pupils can put into pratice all of the skills they have acquired.

Our golf monitors are specialists and therefore, the training the students receive is of the highest quality. Thus, our pupils are well-trained and they receive classes concerning the different aspects of golf (rules, physical exercises, etc.). Lastly, it is also important to point out that golf can benefit the academic future of our students, seen as they can use the sport to acquire University grants; grants which the school will help the students apply for if he or she so wishes.




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