Enrollment at the school from 3 years of age (for new students and students coming up from previous stages at the school): 600 €
Academic record for the inscription in the 2018-2019 academic year (all students): 300 €


The services that are not contracted in the inscription must be paid in their totality. If the transport is not contracted in the initiail inscription, you will only be able to benefit from the service if there are still spaces available when you apply.

If you choose to cancel your contract concerning the dining and transport services, you will still be charged the price of one month for the service initially contracted.

If there are brothers and sisters from the same family attending our school simultaneously, the family will be able to benefit from the following discounts (applicable at al stages, except for childhood education):
5%- price of education- second brother or sister
15%- price of education- thrid brother or sister
100%- price of education- fourth brother or sister.

Moroever, if the fee for the contracted services is paid in its totality before 1st September 2017, families can also benefit from the following discounts:

2%- education
2,5%- education + 1 related service (dining or transport)
3%- education + 2 related services (dining and transport).

Download Fees of the 2017-2018 school year



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