Timetable and calendar for extracurricular activities – 2017-2018

The extracurricular activities are designed for students of childhood education and primary education. These activities will take place in three different periods throughout the year, each of which contains a total of ten sessions for each activity.
Starting and finishing dates of each period:

-1st period: 2nd October- 22nd December 2017.
-2nd period: 8th January- 23rd March 2018
-3rd Period: 10th April- 22nd June 2018.

The extracurricular activities performed at the school are the following:


This activity is performed under the supervision of D.Jose Antonio Girona, who is a teacher at SAM, and each session will last 60 minutes. Places for this activity are limited and the spaces within the activity will be assigned in chronological order acording to the date in which each student formally signed up for the extracurricular activity in question (I.e., the application forme is signed and handed in and the student has paid the necessary fee).


This activity is also imparted by Jose Antonio Girona, and it will take place during the break period between classes. It is not necessary to fill in any application forms to take part in this activity.


This extracurricular class is imparted by TuXc Coaching, a pioneering company in the robotics sector. The sessions will last 60 minutes, and in order to plan the activity, it is important that students pay the whole price of the activities before starting the classes. It is important to point out that their will be no refunds once a student has signed up and he or she has paid the fee. Moroever, in order to be able to perform these activities, there must be a minimum number of students.


This activity is performed by Francisco Peraile, a teacher from SAM, who has one many prizes related to acting and directing in amateur theatre.


This activity corresponds to Rafael Rentero, a teacher at SAM, and it will be performed in English in two of the weekly sessions. Each session lasts 45 minutes.


This course is imparted twice a week in sessions that last 45 minutes.


It is taught twice a week in sessions that last 45 minutes.


New technologies are useful and satisfying. Using them, we enjoy different services and we can connect with other people. However, people must learn how to use the internet correctly, seen as some people develop a kinf of dependence on technology.
In this course, children will learn how to responsabily use technology, in order to prevent problems such as addictions, cyberbullying, identity theft, and much more. Moroever, apart from learning how to adequately communicate online, students will also learn how to protect their information on the internet, as well as to protect themselves from any type of harm they could encounter. Furthermore, they will also acquire knolwege concerning the counteless amount of positives the internet provides.


This activity will be imparted by specialists and it is orientated towards 2nd and 3rd year students of childhood education, as well as to primary school pupils. The activity will take place once a week, and each session lasts 60 minutes. In order to perform this course, their must be a minimum of students signed up for each age group.





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