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Sports, Languages and Technology

The extracurricular activities are aimed at Infant Education (2nd and 3rd), Primary Education and Secondary Education students and will take place at midday, in sessions of 45 or 60 minutes, depending on the activity.

The extracurricular activities will be carried out in three periods. In each period there will be a total of 10 sessions of each activity.

Start and end dates of each period:

  • FIRST PERIOD: From October 2 to December 22, 2019.
  • SECOND PERIOD: 8 January to 23 March 2020.
  • THIRD PERIOD: 10 April to 22 June 2020.



The FOOTBALL extracurricular activity will be led by Mr. Alvaro Anguiano, the centre's teacher, and will take place in two weekly sessions, each one of 45 minutes’ duration.


PADEL's extracurricular activity will be carried out by Mr. Juan Llopis, the centre's teacher, and will take place in ENGLISH, in two weekly sessions (for beginners' paddle tennis) and in one weekly session (for advanced paddle tennis). In both cases, the duration of a session will be 45 minutes.

Cultural Activities


The extracurricular activity of PIANO will be in charge of D. José Antonio Girona, teacher of the centre and will be carried out in sessions of 60 minutes of duration. Places are limited and will be allocated in chronological order of receipt of validly formalized registrations (delivery of the Registration Form duly completed and signed AND copy of proof of payment of the corresponding amount). This activity is preparatory for access to the Conservatory. Esta actividad tiene carácter preparatorio para el acceso al Conservatorio.


The extra-curricular activity of CHOIR will be in charge of D. José Antonio Girona, teacher of the centre, will be carried out in the recreations and will be of free access (it will not be necessary to formalize inscription).


The extra-curricular activity of THEATRE will be in charge of D. Francisco Peraile, teacher of the centre, with specific formation and diverse prizes of interpretation and direction in contests of amateur theatre.


Spanish for foreigners

The SPANISH FOR FOREIGNERS course will be developed in two weekly sessions of 45 minutes each.


The ENGLISH course will take place in two weekly sessions of 45 minutes’ duration each.



ROBOTICS extracurricular activity will be carried out by TuXc Coaching, a pioneering company in the sector that works through Lego Education and will be carried out in 60-minute sessions. In order to plan and carry out this activity, it is necessary to formalize the registration for the entire course, paying the full amount before the start of it. In the event of a cancellation of a registered student's activity, the amounts paid will NOT be refunded. The activity is subject to a minimum number of registered students.

New technologies

New technologies are useful, almost essential, they help us, they satisfy us. Through them we enjoy services, but above all we connect with people, and we give ourselves to leisure and hobbies. Their usefulness, availability and immediacy of response can explain that certain individuals develop abusive and even dependent use on them.

In this course children will learn to make responsible use of new technologies, to avoid the problems arising from them as: addictions, cyberbullying, identity theft, and much more.

Also in the theme of Ergonomics, keys will be given to avoid the physical problems associated with bad postures and repetitive movements that we do when we use mobiles, tablets, computers, and so on.

Children will learn to protect their data and themselves, as well as knowing how to behave in the interaction with other people with whom they can communicate online.

We will also see the positive side of the use of technologies, for example, how they can help to get out of a dangerous situation, or how a child can learn to orient himself in space-time through games.

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