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This year, we will have the pleasure of receiving the author Care Santos (Nadal Prize 2017) in our classrooms. Because of this, secondary education students will perform diverse activities, such as readings, competitions, etc., which are related to this author and her books.

Care Santos is an author and Spanish literature critic. Her novels are always well received by the young audiences and some of her books have also been turned into television programs. She is the creator and president of the Young Spanish Writers Association, and she is also the content coordinator of the literary critic blog “La tormenta en un vaso (The storm in a glass)”, which has been translated into 22 languages. The national newspaper, “el país”, described her as being a “careful architect”, who creates exciting characters and good novels.

Our teachers of the Spanish language department encourage the visits of different authors every year, so that the students can personally witness the work of language professionals. On this occasion, the visit of Care Santos excites us because she has won many prizes and her books appeal to the younger audiences. We also hope that our pupils enjoy her visit. The date will be set very soon.

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