Educational Project:

Our school is private and secular. Moreover, we are characterized by a linguistic immersion in the English language and we also offer bilingual education at infant and primary school levels.

The school teaches at all levels of education: Childhood Education, Primary Education, Obligatory, Secondary Education and Baccalaureate.
The school day extends from 9:00 to 17:00, from Monday to Friday, at all levels of education. We also offer canteen and transport services.

We understand teaching as a dynamic and interactive process and we employ a participative methodology, in which the personal characteristics and potential of each student are valued. It is important to point out that Education in values and innovative education also play fundamental roles at our school. Moreover, teachers and tutors closely monitor each individual student and they maintain close relationships with the parents of their pupils.

The learning process is based on creativity, curiosity, discovery, individual effort and team work, and the school´s ultimate objective is to equip our students with knolwedge, competences and personal autonomy, all of which are needed if they are to successfully undertake the opportunities and challenges they may encounter in the future.

Information about Childhood Education

Information about Primary Education

Information about Secondary Education

Information about Baccalaureate Education





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