San Alberto Magno | Colegio internacional bilingüe de Alicante - Proyecto educativo

San Alberto Magno is a private, secular and bilingual educational centre in Alicante

We are an entirely private, secular, English language immersion and bilingual educational centre in the stages of Infant, Primary and Secondary Education.

We teach all the educational stages:

  • Infant Education
  • Primary Education
  • Compulsory Secondary Education
  • High school

The school day extends from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for all educational stages.

We understand teaching as a dynamic and interactive process and we use a participative methodology, in which the potential and personal characteristics of each student are valued.

Education in values and educational innovation play a fundamental role in San Alberto Magno. Our teachers and tutors keep a close and individual follow up of each student and maintain the relationship with the families.

Learning is based on creativity, curiosity, discovery, personal effort and teamwork with the aim of providing our students with the knowledge, skills and personal autonomy necessary to successfully tackle life’s opportunities and challenges.

Educational stages

Infant Education

Primary Education

Secondary Education


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Open Enrolment

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