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Enjoy with your family the facilities of your school in San Alberto Magno

In San Alberto Magno we give special importance to families because we understand family as an integrating element in the education of our students.

In this way, we reinforce the three pillars on which our educational community is based:

  • The Family
  • The students
  • The SAM team

Beyond the evolution in the academic area of your children, we believe in the personal growth of each one of them.

For this reason, we want to approach this new family project in close collaboration with parents to achieve individual development in all aspects of the stage of growth.

School activities for families

  • Have lunch at school

    We want families to know first-hand the day-to-day life of their children. We invite you to come and try the school menu the day you want so that you can spend a pleasant time with your children at lunchtime.
  • The swimming pool, a successful activity

    The swimming pool is one of the most recognized points by our students. We invite parents to do sports with us and to enjoy the school facilities.
  • Friday SAM

    On the last Friday of every month, we open our sports facilities to all parents so that you can enjoy the good weather and meet your children's friends and relatives at school.
  • Birthday at SAM

    Is there anything more comfortable than celebrating a birthday at school? We make the school available to families to set up their children's birthday party in our facilities. - For the little ones: We propose an inflatable castle - For the bigger ones: A sports birthday reserving some of our tracks. 

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