Conditions of use

In compliance with article 10 of the law 34/2002, 11th July, related to the services of the information society and electronic commerce (LSSICE), we will now proceed to supply the identification information of the legal owner of the website in hand.

Name or business name: ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL
CIF/NIF: B54515101
Business address: Avenida de Levante nº 10-12, urbanización Alenda Golf. 03670
-Monforte del Cid (Alicante) España
Telephone number: +34 965 625 200

ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL is the owner of the domain name and the internet page that is accessed by means of the following address:

I. Purpose
The general conditions of use in hand regulate the use of the website, through which ALENDA ESCUELA VIVA SL (from this point onwards, COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO) provides its visitors with information concerning the products and services that are supplied both by the centre and its third party collaborators. Moreover, it also gives them access to these different products, as well as the option to purchase or contract them over the website.

In order to contact COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO, you can use the postal address indicated above, the email address, and/or the telephone number +34965625200.

Due to the nature, content and purpose of our website, only those users that are registered can browse and use it. Once registered, the user is obligated to abide by the general conditions of use that are available to them when they become a member or user. COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO reserves the right to modify the presentation, configuration and general conditions of the website at any time. Therefore, COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO recommends that all registered users read the general conditions every time they access the website.

In any case, some of the pages of the website are accessable to the general public, who, according to COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO, must also abide by their legal obligations. Therefore, the users who access these parts of the website must also accept the fact that, by entering these pages, they are also subject to the terms and conditions included within these general conditions of use.
Lastly, due to the nature of this website, it is possible that the content of the present general conditions of use will be modified. As a result, both registered and non-registered are obligated to access and read the general conditions of use every time they enter the website, seen as only the conditions that are present at the moment of entering the website will be applicable.

II. Access and security
Access to the supplied Services requires that an individual is registered as a user and that he or she has accepted the general conditions of use. Once registered and the conditions are accepted, that person will form part of the private community of COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO. In order to access the site as a user, he or she must use a user identifier, which consists of an email address and a password, the latter of which must contain at least 4 characters.
The use of the password is personal and intransferible, and it must not be facilitated to any third party. Thus, the user must commit to using the password diligently and keeping it secret. If it is provided to third parties, the user will be held solely responsable for any consequences that may arise.
In the case the registered user knows or suspects that his or her password is being used by a third party, he or she must modify the password immediatly, following the steps that are provided on the website.

III. Correct use of services

The registered user must use the provided Services in a diligent, adequate and legal manner, and he or she must always refrain from:
A) using the services for purposes that are contrary to the law, public order and any morals or customs that are generally accepted.
B) Copying, distributing or permitting public access, and transforming or modifying the services without the authorization of the website owner.
C) Performing any action that could be considered as a violation of any intellectual or industrial property belonging to COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO or any related third parties.
D) Using the services and information provided on the website to send publicity for commercial purposes (e.g. to sale products); sending unsolicited messages to a group of people, as well as commerializing or publicizing any of the mentioned information.

The user will answer to the damages or harm of any nature that COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO suffers as a consequence of his or her failure to comply with the conditions of use mentioned beforehand and the legislation concerning the use of the website.

At all moments, COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO will ensure the compliance with the existing laws or regulations, and it is has the right to stop a service or to exclude a user from the website if he or she commits any of the offences or infringments included within the current penal code; if he or she is deemed by COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO to have behaved in a way that is contrary to the general conditions of use, the general contracting conditions of the website or the rules established by COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO or any of their collaborators; or if he or she performs any actions that may have a negative impact upon the image, credibility, prestige or the proper functioning of COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO or any of its collaborators.

IV. Ownership rights

All of the website content (graphs, texts, photographs, icons, software, graphic design, etc.) are the exclusive property of COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO or third parties. All rights are legitimally held by COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO, who, therefore, is protected by national and international legislation.
The use of elements that form part of the industrial and intellectual property of COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO for commercial purposes, as well as the modification and distribution of this information, is strictly prohibited.
The infringement of any of the mentioned rights could constitute a violation of the present provisions. Moroever, in accordance with article 270 and those that follow in the penal code, it could also be considered as a punishable crime.
COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO is authorized to reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate or transform any observations, opinions or comments that it may receive from users on its website, be it via email or any other alternative communicative method.
Any complaints or claims users may have in relation to possible violations of their intellectual or industrial property on our website must be directed to the following email address:

V. Disclaimer of warranty and responsability

Regardless of the established general contracting conditions related to the procurement of property on the website in hand, COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO is not responsable for the authenticity, exactness and quality of the services, information and materials provided on the current website. These services, information and materials are presented “as is” and they are accessed without guarantees of any kind.

COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO reserves the right to interrupt or stop providing any or all of the services offered on the website, be it due to technical reasons, security, maintenance, electrical failures or any other justifiable cause. COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO can perform this disruption at any time and without previous warning.

Consequently, COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO does not guarantee the reliability, availability nor continuity of its website and the services it provides. Therefore, users make use of the services on their own account and at their own risk, and COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO cannot be held responsible.

COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO will not be held responsible for any interruptions, delays, errors, malfunctions and, in general, any other inconveniences related to the provided services that are out of the control of COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO. Moroever, it will also not be held accountable for those inconveniences that are due to fault-based and willing liabilities on behalf of the registered users, and/or those that occur as a consequence of unforeseen circumstances or force majeure. Without prejudice to article 1105 of the Civil Code, the concept of force majeure will include all of those events or occurences that are beyond the control of COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO, such as: mistakes made by third parties, operators and companies related to the provided services, government actions, lack of access to third party websites, acts or omissions made by the public authorities, those that are produced by natural phenomenons and the attack on the system by hackers, as long as reasonable security measures were put in place. In any case and whatever the cause, COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO will not assume any responsabilities, be it for direct or indirect damages, or for the loss of profit.

COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO excludes any liability for any damage that may be due to the lack of veracity, exactness, completeness and/or actuality of the services that are transmited, spread, stored, made available or received on the website. It also excludes responsability for those services that are supplied and offered by third parties. COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO will do its best to update and rectify any information on the website that does not guarantee veracity. However, it is exonerated from any responsability related to any lack of updates or modifications. In this sense, COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO is not obligated to control unless it is warranted by the current legislation or by any competent judicial or administrative authority.

Likewise, COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO rules out any liability for any kind of damage or harm that is due to the presence of a virus or any other harmful elements that could produce alterations in the informatic systems and the documents that are stored within it. COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO is not responsible for any usage, on behalf of the users, of the provided services, or any passwords or materials that violate the intellectual, industrial or any other rights of third parties. The registered user is obligated to keep COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO safe from any harm, damage, liabilities, expenses, (lawyer, etc.) and civil and administrative responsabilities that are related to the infringement or parcial following of the general conditions of use or the applicable legislation, and, specially with relation to lawyers or planner attorneys, which is included within the LOPD (Data protection organic law).

VI. Links to other websites
COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO does not offer any guarantees, nor will it be held responsible for any damage or harm that is suffered as a result of accessing third party services through links. Moroever, it does not make any guarantees concerning the credibility or exactness of these links.
The purpose of the links provided on COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO is solely to inform the user about the existence of other internet information sources, where the services offered by the website are broadened or expanded.
Under no circumstances will COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO be held responsible for the results obtained by accessing these links, or for the consequences that may derive by using them. These third party services are provided by the third parties themselves and, therefore, COLEGIO SAN ALBERTO MAGNO cannot control the completeness or quality of the services. Consequently, the user must be prudent and diligent when using the information and services whose content belongs to a third party.

VII. Enforceable law and Jurisdiction
The use of this website and the contracts to purchase products over this website will take place in accordance with Spanish legislation. Any controvery that may arise or that is related to the use of the website or the contracts mentioned beforehand will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Spanish courts and tribunals.
If you are contracting as a consumer, no part of the present clause will affect the rights that the existing legislation provides you.


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