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This year, on the 11th March (Sunday), the Alicante chess club is organizing once again the 4th edition of the Open Chess Tournament for under-12 school teams. It is going to be held at our centre, where students will be able to come together and compete in the sport they love.

The competition will commence at 10:00 am and it will finish at 14:00 pm. The format used will be that of the Swiss-system, in which each player plays a specific amount of rounds in the competition. In this case, each player will play six rounds, all of which will last 10 minutes.

The tournament is open to all teams of 4 players from schools and primary schools, seen as it is intended for all those players under the age of 12. This reunion of people from different schools will provide an excellent opportunity to strengthen the relationships between different schools in and near the province of Alicante.

Regarding the prizes, the three best teams in the competition will be given the opportunity to compete in the VI school team championship of Spain, which will be celebrated in Buitrago de Loyola (Madrid), from the 27th to the 29th of April. Moroever, the team that wins the tournamentwill also have all of the expenses (transport, sleeping arrangements and registration fees) of this national championship covered. The team that finishes 2nd will also have the expenses mentioned above covered, except for those related to sleeping arrangements. With regard to the team that comes 3rd, they will have their registration fees for the national tournament covered. Lastly, a trophy will be rewarded to those teams that finish between 4th and 15th place.

Our centre firmly believes in this tournament and our facilities offer all participants an exceptional environment, which will enable students to experience an enjoyable and special morning. Moreover, it will also help to promote sports and coexistance, not just between the different schools, but also between parents, students and monitors.

You can register for this IV Open Chess Tournament for under 12 school teams at, or by calling one of the following numbers: 6156547567 and 603861661.

The basics are provided hereafter:
IV Open Tournament for under-12 school teams.
Day of the tournament: 18th March (Sunday), 2018. Time: 10.00 am.
Handing out of prizes: At the end of the tournament (14:00 pm)
Competition format: Swiss (6 rounds). 10 minute game per player.
Participation: 20 euros per team (15 euros for other teams from the same school)
Referee: AF Joaquin Corbi Marti. Technical basics:

1. The tournament is open to teams representing any primary school. The teams will be made up of 4 players and a maximum of two substitutes. The participants must be born in 2006 or after (under 12s)

2. In order to form a team, the individuals in question must be present or former members (for at least 3 years) of the school they intend to represent. However, if a student has changed school, he or she cannot play for the school he used to attend if his or her current school has a team in the competition. If this is the case of a player who wants to take part, these circumstances must be accredited by the administration of the school in question.

3. Each school can register a maximum of three teams, all of which must be accompanied by a monitor, who, apart from being responsable for each team, will also act as a delegate of the competition.

4. The score will be done according to the matches won by each player and if a draw occurs, the winner of the match will be he or she who has the most peices on the chess board.

IMPORTANT: In order to participate in this tournament, these basic principals must be accepted. The organization reserves the right torefuse admission.

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