Childhood education:

Childhood education concerns all of the basic developmental aspects (psychological, social, etc.) of children between the ages of 1 and 5 years old. Games are at the centre of the learning process and the development of childrens´ abilties. The handling of objects, textures and materials provide children with an enviroment where they can acquire knowledge in an enjoyable manner.

The teachers, who are specialists in childhood education, impart the basic education, which includes reading, writing, communication in Spanish, Maths, Personal autonomy, etc.

Moreover, in this stage, a series of activities orientated towards the students´ education will also be perfomed.

Psychomotor education

The Students in childhood education partake in psychomotor activities in both terrestrial and aquatic (swimming) environments. Psychomotor education will help them develop their sense of balance, movement and expression. These activities will be taught in English in the climatized swimming pool, in the exterior sport facilities, as well as in the indoor sports hall.

An activity orientated towards the development of Students ´ knowledge with regard to music, which includes artistic, logical, mathematical and aesthetic aspects. Children will work with music specialists and the activity will be performed in English.


Teaching habits is vital at these ages if we are to help students achieves an adequate social development. Children are provided with educational environments inside and outside of the classroom, and the canteen is one of those places. Dinner time is a good opportunity to teach them habits with regard to nutrition, hygiene, manners at the table, personal autonomy, as well as concerning their relationship with fellow students. All of this is done under the supervision of group tutors.


Nowadays, English is much more than just a language. It is a vital tool of communication, learning and socialization, which will accompany students throughout their lives.
The children will undertake activities in English on a daily basis, all of which are imparted by native, British teachers.

Information Technology

Computers are employed to help stimulate students´ learning. The children handle the peripherals of the computer and they work in English with the help of informatic applications at the same time.

Calendar of the 2018-2019 school year




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