Infant Education


Last week, we had the pleasure of receiving the grandparents of our students. It was an amazing day, in which the students were able to show their grandparents their school and tell them about the things that they do and learn there. Throughout the day, everybody took part in three workshops:– Cooking: In this workshop,...
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Numicon is a unique project concerning the learning of maths. Using a multisensorial approach, it helps students understand the idea of numbers and the different relationships between different numbers. Numicon is an efficient project throughout the whole world, which: – Helps to increase students´ confidence and their liking of maths. – Permits its users to...
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        Matrícula abierta en SAM

Reserva plaza para el curso 2020-2021
Disfruta de estudiar en un colegio bilingüe, con magníficas instalaciones y ambiente internacional.